"Threads of Magic and Memory" is a character-driven interactive fiction game which follows an old warrior named Adisa as she explores a mind-and-reality-warping dungeon in the hopes of forgetting her past. As you unravel her extremely complicated history, you’ll explore a dungeon that bends the rules of reality, use magic built of threads that weave through the air, and meet a small cast of engaging characters while analyzing themes of trauma and guilt, with a touch of horror thrown into the mix.

The story is more emotion and character-focused than gameplay-oriented, though it should still provide the split decisions and branching paths that make interactive storytelling so special. Play-times should average 30 minutes, depending upon your choices and reading speed. The programmer threw in a couple of neat technical tricks that should catch your eye, too.

"Threads of Magic and Memory" was developed in Twine Harlowe.


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Quite short, but flowery and thoughtful. I like the aftertaste it leaves. Thank you for that experience.